losing money on marketing
losing money on marketing

Please stop spending (and wasting) money on marketing until you read this first.

I’ve often said that just about anyone can call themselves a marketer – all you really need is a laptop and a Facebook page to promote your organization, right? Sometimes people get lucky and their efforts on social media yields dividends for them. Unfortunately, for most organizations and businesses alike, these strategies are half hearted and only produce minimal results. That’s when some organizations turn to other marketing tactics, like building a website, running paid ads, investing in SEO and content development, and more, only to be even more disappointed in the results than before. 

Unfortunately, what I typically see time and again, is that people put the cart before the horse when it comes to marketing. They’re so eager to jump in and make a big splash, that they forget the first rule of marketing; getting your house in order. Even before you build your website, even before you launch a social media campaign, it is important that you get your house in order and build it from the foundation up. You wouldn’t put the roof on the foundation of a house without building the framework right? The same goes for marketing. 

So what do I mean by getting your house in order? It’s simple. Start with the most basic questions: who, what, where, when, why and how and answer those questions before you hire anyone to build your website or help you promote your organization. 

Oftentimes, I visit a website, and I have absolutely no idea what the organization is about or what they do. They use a lot of catch phrases and industry jargon like “It takes a village” which means absolutely nothing to someone visiting their website. What takes a village? What do you do exactly? How can anyone support an organization if they honestly have no real concept of the work they are doing and why they need support. Nonprofits in general are notorious for not being clear about what they do. I mean I get it, your organization is an animal rescue, but why do you need funding?  Where are you located? What programs do you offer? 

I know these may seem like basic questions, but believe it or not, most nonprofit websites (and some businesses) do not answer the most fundamental questions for their visitors. They just assume that because they are an animal charity for example, that everyone inherently understands what they do. And that is simply not true. 

Even as an avid animal lover who generally gets what most animal charities do, when I visit some animal charity websites I am completely confused about the goals and objectives of the organization. The mission is not clear, the programs are not well defined, and needed information is sparse. 

So I beg you, please stop spending (and wasting) money on marketing and promotion, advertising, and other efforts. Let me take a look at your foundation and provide you with some honest feedback about your foundation and why you are not getting the results you are looking for. Chances are your house is not in order and with a little guidance and direction, you’ll be on your way to growing your organization without wasting money. 

Who am I? I’m not just another marketer with a laptop. I have over 20 years of experience in marketing, I have worked with hundreds of organizations to provide them with strategic direction that produces results, and I am a magna cum laude graduate with a Master’s Degree in Business from Bryant University. 

Schedule a call to discuss your marketing and if you are not completely happy with the feedback you receive, I’ll schedule a second call at no charge. 


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