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nonprofit digital marketing google ad grants course

Are you struggling to create more awareness of your organization? Do you have limited resources and not enough hours in the day to fulfill your mission? My one-day digital marketing course will help introduce your cause to more website visitors – guaranteed!

Whether you’re just learning about the Ad Grant or you already have it but want to use it more effectively, our course will give you easy-to-follow, actionable steps to increase the impact of your Google Ads account and drive more traffic to your website. 

Using Google Ads, you’ll learn how to:

  • Raise more donations for your nonprofit
  • Drive more traffic to your website and social media channels
  • Acquire more volunteers
  • Earn more supporters
  • Attract more program participants
  • Promote awareness about your cause
Don’t waste time on other courses that teach more than you need and take multiple days or weeks to complete. Our course takes just ONE day and you’ll learn everything you need to set up a donation campaign, and other types of campaigns.

Rank At or Near the Top of the Search Results for Search Terms that Matter to Your Nonprofit

Give me just one day, and I will change the trajectory of your nonprofit!

My US based Nonprofit Google Ad Grants Course developed for 2023 has taught nonprofits how to spend $10,000 per month and maximize their search advertising potential! I am a trained educator and marketing account director with over 25 years of experience in digital marketing.